Marla Ellison:  Loved the Cranberry Festival!!

Branson 2012 trip comments:

Dick & Alice:   Our tour guides were awesome and kept us moving.   The food, the restaurants--well what can I say.  It's a good thing we don't eat like that each and every day.  It put us in the mood for Christmas whether ready or not.  The bus driver did a great job getting us place to place.  Precious Moments was amazing,

Beverly:   Excellent!!  

??:   Marilyn & Diane,  you guys are awesome!!  Most fun on the bus..Met some nice people

Don:  Best trip to Branson I've ever had with the cleanest motel I've ever stayed in Branson.  The shows were the best. 

Beverly:  Can't find fault on anything.  Nice room and the cobbler was great!

Mary:  Very good selection of shows.